who we are



Business goal

Ins and Outs offers competitive expert labour mobility solutions to corporate and private clients in the Netherlands by efficiently managing  visa applications and residence and work permit processes. Besides Ins and Outs is offering  personal support in building a comfortable expatriate life.


Ins and Outs was founded in 1999 by owner and director Ben Knol. He was educated at the University for Applied Sciences of Amsterdam and has a professional background in urban society development and in the hospitality industry.

Ben has 20 years of experience in Dutch corporate immigration. He has worked with some large multi-national corporations across diverse industries whilst also assisting mid-sized and smaller companies. Ben has extensive experience in complex client projects including advising multinational corporations on immigration matters associated with mergers and subsidiary establishment.


Ins and Outs has a long-standing  and versatile experience in labour mobility issues based on a thorough knowledge of immigration legislation and implementation practises . We constantly look to improve our services, cultivating our knowledge and skills to achieve exellent performance for our clients.

Ins and Outs has an empathetic client approach, taking the client`s needs and conveniences as a starting point to achieve optimal service quality. Direct lines of communication  do contribute  to a person-centered approach aiming at joined problem solving. We look at balancing mobility policy requirements and individual employee needs in the most advantegeous manner for both business and personal purposes. Our commitment works wonders in leading to progress.

Ins and Outs addresses your immigration issues in a well-considered prompt manner and is striving for a transparent and accountable service model. We have a focussed and persistent approach towards the implementation of clients demands attempting to achieve an optimal and timely outcome of ongoing processes at all times.We fully commit to delivering on expectations in all that we do.
Ins and Outs has a solid sence of return on investment. Clear communication and a fresh way of thinking do lead to a faster and cheaper service delivery model thus shifting creativity into making money. In addition satisfied employees will improve the productivity of the compny.