we offer a wide range of services to improve your cross border labour processes

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Ins and Outs` services include consultation on legal and practical aspects of immigration and establishment. Our input is aimed at managing the cross border workforce affairs efficiently in order to enhance productivity of all involved.

. work and residence permit schemes
. immigration compliance
. sponsorship requirements
. labour conditions
. finance and taxes
. employee immigration management

. incorporation of a business entity
. legal entities
. establishment requirements
. company registration
. taxes – finances – social security
. funding
. company facilities
. personal relocation



legal assistance

Ins and Outs provides administrative assistance and practical support with your immigration and registration formalities.

application processing
we carry out application procedures for the following permits:

. work visa
. residence and work permit
. skilled migrant permit
. search year permit highly educated persons
. visa and residence permit for family members
. residence permit extension
. change of residende purpose
. permanent residence permi
. working holidays / au pair visa
. busines visa
. business visa work permit 

practical support
we assist with all required registrations:

. embassy visa collection
. residence permit collection
. address registration
. civil registration number
. tax reduction expats ruling
. tb examination


Ins and Outs is providing a wide range of services aiming to bring about comfortable living conditions in your new environment.

moving assistance
. orientation visit
. movers
. import / car registration / pets
. temporary accommodation

. home search
. amenities and utility connections
. furniture rentals / purchase

finance / insurance
. bank account
. insurances
. taxes

medical assistance
. general practitioner registration
. medical specialists
. pregnancy
. dentist

children needs
. school enrolment
. childcare
. leisure activities
. education advice
. baby sit

business establishment

Whether you want  register a subsidiairy or branch office, or start your own business as an entrepreneur, Ins and Outs can guide you during the process. Our services include the following subjects:

foreign establishment
. selection of legal form
. incorporation by notary deed
. registration with tax authorities
. registration with chamber of commerce
. corporate housing
. employment agreements
. payroll
. tax administration
. immigration management 

start-up / independent professional
. selection start-up scheme
. business plan development
. application of the scoring matrix
. applicable immigration schemes
. payroll
. tax administration
. business housing